Thursday, July 12, 2012

Custom Wigs

"We received a beautiful thank you note from the family of a new hair replacement client. She has been suffering from hair loss due to a medical condition. Fortunately,We were able to design a wig for her quickly, that was cut, colored, and styled in a way that reflected her tastes and her original hair.  The added bonus was that it was within her budget. One important factor to remember is that when we choose to wear hair, it is not just for ourselves, but it brings comfort to our loved ones as well. I believe this to be true. "
Franklin Philip Salon
March 30, 2014
( The family name has been whited-out in this photo for reasons of total privacy)
This is a real photo of one of our clients who lost her hair while undergoing medical treatments. Rather than going bald, or wearing a scarf, she decided to try one of our light-weight hair options. It matched her original hair perfectly. The cost was affordable and most importantly, it gave her the relief she needed throughout her recovery.

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